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New VIE - Training Course in Italy
New VIE Visual Innovative Education Training Course   11-18 September 2015,  Premilcuore (FC), Italy   Project description:   Through the New VIE – Visual Innovative Education we would like to deliver the techniques of Graphic Recording and other creative methods for promotion and visibility of projects in youth work and also how to use it for Project evaluation and reporting phases. Detalii...
Publicat la: 24.07.2015
Universal Youth Village in Armenia
  CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS     International Exchange     UNIVERSAL YOUTH VILLAGE   15 – 22nd . Detalii...
Publicat la: 24.07.2015
Call for participants for International Multiplier Training
  CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS   SVIT-Ukraine, AVI-Moldova, ArmActive-Armenia & SCI-D invite you to send applications for: International Multiplier Training Intercultural Learning, Non Violent Communication/ Peace Education and Conflicts   20 – 26th July, 2015 Pustomyty,Lviv region, Ukraine     Background of the project Culture and conflict are inextricably linked. Detalii...
Publicat la: 11.06.2015
Call for trainers
  Call for 2 trainers Training Course for Leaders/Multipliers on Intercultural Learning, Non Violent Communication/ Peace Education and Conflicts   20-26 July, Lviv Ukraine Project Description Culture and conflict are inextricably linked. When problems surface, between or within cultures, it is often a response to difficulties in dealing with differences*. Detalii...
Publicat la: 10.06.2015
Call for Participants_Training in Italy
Call for Participants - Training “Youth transforming conflicts: non-violence needs new media” 25.05.2015 – 02.06.2015 in Rome - Italy Short description of the training The training is organized for 16 participants who wish to learn about non-violent conflict transformation, with a special focus on media-activism as non-violent tool. Detalii...
Publicat la: 13.05.2015
“Memory – Place – Presence” summer student program
Dear volunteers, We are pleased to announce the call for applications for the first edition of the “Memory – Place – Presence” summer student program, coordinated by the “Grodzka Gate – NN Theatre” Centre in cooperation with the Maria Sk≥odowska-Curie University in Lublin, Poland. The program will start on June 23, 2015 and will continue through July 2, 2015. This year the program will accept up to twenty participants. Detalii...
Publicat la: 15.02.2015
Youth Exchange in Ukraine, call for participants.
  Ecoaction, ecoart, ecoyou International youth exchange   28/06–11/07/2014   Il'nytsya, Zakarpattia region, Ukraine   “Ecoaction, Ecoart, Ecoyou” exchange project will be gathering young people to discuss, exchange and learn about the global issue of environment from 3 different angles: activism for eco-actions, creativity for ecoart, awareness and personal approach – for ecoyou. Detalii...
Publicat la: 18.06.2014
Childhood Cherries - Summer workcamp in Moldova
Childhood Cherries   Camp code: MD-AVI 7.2 Country: Moldova Start Date: 16 Jul 2014 End Date: 03 Aug 2014 Topic: 7: Children and youth Work Types: Social Number of volunteers: 10 Free places for Males: 3 Free places for Females: 2 International age: 18 - 99 National age: 16 - 99 Extra Costs: 0. Detalii...
Publicat la: 17.06.2014
Summer workcamps for active volunteers!
If you are young and active, want to take a nice experience from a great project, do not hesitate to apply for taking part in a summer workcamp abroad! Basida Aranjuez: Inclusion is the key (ES-MAD 5.1 ) Spain, 01 Jul 2014 - 15 Jul 2014 Topic: Poverty and social injustice BASIDA is an NGO that provides medical and psychosocial support to HIV-positives and drug dependent persons. Detalii...
Publicat la: 10.06.2014
International Youth Exchange "Universal Youth Village", Chisinau, Moldova, 4-15th of May
                              International Youth exchange?!? Hmmm, as for me – it is event what directed to create open minded and free communication atmosphere without any border and stereotypes between young people around the world. Detalii...
Publicat la: 25.05.2014